Avoid Furniture Shopping Mistakes!

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measure-before-furn-200170010-001-resized-250x250Before you hit that online furniture store checkout button, you first need to know a few things about furniture and how to avoid making shopping mistakes.

Whether you have just graduated college or are entering your golden years, You probably have collected some furniture pieces. But, which ones are for keeps and which ones should you toss out? And if you are planning to add some more stuff, where should you go to purchase them?

To help you make the right decisions and purchase the right furniture for your home, here are some pointers:

Sift Through Your Stuff

You need to take a good look at the furniture pieces that you already own, and then access them. If the furniture is of low quality, it’s best to get rid of it. Same goes for pieces that are already outdated–unless the furniture has sentimental value, then you can consider updating its style with a new finish or new upholstery.

If you can’t decide which ones to keep, an interior designer may help you go through your belongings and advice you on what is worth saving. If you’re worried about the costs of buying new furniture, you can find plenty of coupons and discounts to save you money. For example, I know someone who found a deal for Zinus furniture and it saved them a lot of money!

Size can Make or Break a Room

The most common mistake buyers make is misjudging the size of a furniture piece in relation to the room and other items in it. While a piece may seem perfect in a furniture store showroom with high ceilings, the same piece may not look as good in a home with an 8-foot ceiling. So before you buy, make sure to mark out the dimensions of the piece on the floor and measure every opening to ensure that the piece will fit.

Comfort is Crucial

If you’re out looking for a sofa, purchase the best piece you can afford. Don’t be afraid to splurge on seating. It’s better to invest on something you’re surely going to use than on pieces that looks appealing but will never get used.

Broaden Your Horizon

Remember: do not hit the stores until you have all the elements in the room worked out. That includes, window treatments, wall paint, lighting, furniture and decor. You don’t need to identify exact pieces, although you should have an idea of what you want each furniture to look like. Look at a few different furniture companies such as furniture in fashion, to make sure you’re 100% with the items you’re buying. Oftentimes, people tend to buy a piece they thought looks good, then end up redecorating the room based on that piece alone. When it comes to decorating or anything else for that matter, we all have our own individual taste and style, so no one’s room is going to be exactly the same. Just because someone is looking for modernised office furniture in relation to someone else who is looking for vintage items doesn’t mean anyone is wrong. It’s just about your own opinion and taste. Go with what works best for you.

To get a sense of what is currently available, visiting some online furniture stores may give you a head start. Online furniture stores have a wide range of furniture styles from classic to modern designs. Browsing through online furniture stores will help broaden your horizon, allowing you to see what’s out there without having to leave the comforts of your home.

If you are shopping on a budget, consider searching in secondhand furniture stores online or in antique shops near your area. And if you’re into eclectic pieces, visit Abode Fine Living’s online furniture store to find some one-of-a-kind home decors and furniture pieces.

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