Create Stunning Holiday Home Decor Using Upcycled Materials

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Holiday-Home-Decor-Using-Upcycled-Materials1-250x250Get inspired and crafty this holiday season. From creating garlands with old magazines to turning used holiday lights into a beautiful wreath, here are some great and easy DIY home décor ideas to try for the holidays that use common, upcycled materials.

Newspaper Trees

Create amazing home décor centerpieces using cardboard boxes and newspaper. To make tabletop trees, cut the boxes into flat sheets. Roll each of the cardboard sheet into cones, fasten them into form with glue, then cut the bottom so that it becomes even. For their “leaves”, cut 4-inch strips of newspaper, then fray them. Wrap the frayed newspaper strips around the cones, securing them in place with glue.

Gift Wrap Tube Reindeer

Add a rustic but playful touch to tabletops with a deer made from empty gift wrap tubes and a few twigs. Cut 4 inches of tube for the body, and 2 inches for the head using a utility knife. In the 4-inch tube: make 4 holes at the bottom (where the legs will be inserted), and 1 hole along the top (where the neck will go). You also want to put a hole on the 2-inch tube. Then, cut the twigs for the legs, neck, and antlers with floral shears. Insert the twigs in place, then fasten them with hot glue.

Birch Log Ornaments and Garland

Birch logs can be used for several DIY home décor ideas and projects, including tree ornaments. To make, cut the logs into ¼ inch discs, then drill a hole along the top so you can hang it on your Christmas tree with a twine or a ribbon. To prettify it even more, cut out holiday shapes from acetate and glue or tape the silhouette onto the birch log.

You can also repurpose birch logs as a rustic garland. Similar to making the ornament, you need to cut ¼ inch discs and drill holes along the top and bottom of each. Cut twine or colorful yarn to size, then connect the birch log discs side by side using the yarn or twine.

PVC Pipe Wreath

If you want to add a geometric touch to your entryway without breaking the bank, PVC pipes are your answer. These cheap plumbing materials make for an artistic and modern Christmas home décor. Learn how to make one here.

Magazine Garland

Do you have mounds of magazines stacked on your coffee table? Put those colorful pages to good use and create a mantel garland. Tear each page into thirds, then roll each torn strip into a conical shape and hold it with glue. Make sure to leave them hollow. Lastly, place each conical side by side by inserting yarn or twine through them.

Holiday Lights Wreath

Instead of throwing them out, why not collect these colored twinkle light bulbs for decorating a wreath? Spruce up a plain wreath by simply adding colored bulbs to it. Secure these light bulbs in place with hot glue and you’ll have a unique holiday home décor for your living room, dining room or entryway!

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