Creative Home Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

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Living rooms are about creating a cozy and relaxing space for friends and family. From traditional and simple to modern and bold home décor ideas—our team of interior design experts bring you several clever decorating tips and gorgeous living room ideas to steal.

# 1: Lighten It Up

You can add dimension and depth to your living room with a variety of light hues whether on the wall or on your furniture and decors. If you want to achieve a neutral look, adding decorative accents and white upholstery is a good idea.

# 2: Divide a Large Living Room Visually

Use cedar ceiling beams and other architectural details to help define and divide a great room visually.

# 3: Combine Styles

Mix neutral and bold, traditional and modern, or formal and casual to create a unique, inviting living room space. In order to make this work, you must make sure you keep on top of cleaning this space. You may need to use one of the vacuums available at

# 4: Make a Faux Fireplace

If you do not have a fireplace in your living room, create a faux fireplace instead. This can serve as the focal point of the room.

# 5: Keep It Cozy

A relaxing ambiance is the key to a creating a comfortable space. Keep extra pillows and throws at hand for a cozy living room vibe. You could even just add a new rug to your room and it might make all the difference. If this is something that interests you then you could check out someone like Bazaar Velvet to give you some more inspiration on what type of rug to get for your room.

# 6: Add a Touch of Modern to the Classics

Classic prints like houndstooth check can be modernized by using unexpected colors and playing with its pattern scale.

# 7: Antiques are Worth Investing in

Antiques can be great focal points of areas in your home. If your budget allows, it would be a good home décor idea to invest in a fine antique or two.

# 8: Embrace the “Floating Furniture Plan”

This refers to pulling the furniture away from walls and arranging them into the center of the room. This arranging type will create open space, keeping the traffic flow open, as well.

# 9: Mix Comfort with Elegance

Whoever says formal and casual cannot go together clearly have not seen the two combined. To add a touch of elegance, blend some bold fabrics, sculptural accessories and mid-century lighting in a casual living room.

# 10: Play with Different Patterns

Mixing and matching patterns even in small living room spaces can work with the right combination and color scheme. For example, a floral set of pillows and coordinating rug may add color to your space, while a chair with animal print creates personality and heightens the drama. You can even throw in a geometric touch on your fireplace using herringbone tiles.

# 11: Give Designs a Spin

Give minimalist design a Country French spin by sticking to white linens and painted antiques. Also, you want to avoid the expected plaids and ruffles, instead try painting the trim a dark shade for a cleaner look.

#12: Add a Personal Touch


Do not be afraid to personalize your furniture pieces and accessories to create one of a kind decorations and furnishings.

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