Designer Tips Round Up: January

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Each month, our in-house interior designer, Kelly Riley, provides our customers with designer tips that they can easily execute in their home. We gathered her three designer tips for the month of January for you to see.

    Tip #1 “Think Big”:

Think big when you are decorating. The biggest mistake Kelly sees when people are decorating their home, is that they use small scale items in a space that is in need of something big! If you are decorating a small bathroom, try using a bigger mirror than your would expect.

    Tip #2 “Odd Items”:

Take something unexpected and add it to the mix. Try to make it a focal point in your space and it will become a conversation starter. Try finding unique fabrics, sculptures, and artworks that are unexpected and through vistors off guard.

    Tip #3 “Avoid Matching”:

There is nothing more boring than a matchy space. Matching can be static and often doesn’t create depth in a room. When decorating a living room, try using different end tables and accent that still work with your theme while keeping it eclectic. Keep it different and think outside the box.


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