Eclectic Dining Room Design

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Have you been wanting to redecorate your dining space but don’t know where to start? Here at Abode Fine Living, we have our eye on eclectic dining room spaces for 2014. From unexpected tables to mis-match seating, we will show you how to achieve this eclectic look.

To start, it is important to find a table that fits your family’s lifestyle as well as your space. For example, don’t purchase a table that is too large for your space. While it needs to be functional, it also has to seamlessly fit into the space where it will be. Try to think outside of the box when you are picking out a table. Search for pieces that are weathered or have a vintage style. This can add a bit of charm to your home.


After you find a table that works for your design and your lifestyle, it is time to start searching for seating that will work with the style of the space. For 2014, we have seen a great deal of mix and matched seating in dining rooms. Even traditional dining spaces have used various styles of seating around the table. For more of a traditional look incorporate conventional styles of seating and pair it with armchairs at the heads of the table. If you desire a more diverse look, feature bench seating and pair it with metal or acrylic chairs. Step outside of your comfort zone and try not to be too matchy with your space.


For the final touch, look into statement lighting fixtures that will help to create a focal point in the room. In traditional rooms, search for a classic chandelier that pairs well with the streamlined look you have created. When searching for lighting for those eclectic spaces, look for fixtures with texture or dimension. Try not to go overboard when it comes to lighting; it should compliment the space, not over power it.


At Abode, we have a variety of seating options from metal chairs to dining settees all of which can be matched to the style of your space. Stop by to help create your dream dining space today! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more design inspiration.

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