Incorporate Eclectic Into Your Lovely Abode

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There is just something about eclectic furniture designs that make them a quirky choice for a lovely home. Are you thinking of redecorating yours? Here are eclectic furniture and home decor ideas to try on your next home revamping project.


Strike a Balance

If you fancy distressed pieces but do not want the room to look old or appear like a flea market, save some space for a modern decor. For example, you can hang a grid of art on your bare wall that can compliment different graphic patterns and mismatched furniture pieces.

Spice up a Neutral Backdrop

If you have a room with light-toned floors and walls, and pale, understated furniture, the room’s personality will depend on small pieces of accessories. Spice up a neutral room with color. Use bright-colored pillows and throws, sentimental decorative items, stack of books, or an artful, intricate coffee table. The use of various textures can also liven a space. Make a room feel more inviting with a weathered round mirror frame, a weave of sisal rug, and the natural linen of a sofa.

Create an Inspiring Nook

A home office should be free from all signs of stress. So hide stress-inducing stuff within closed storage and showcase only the things that inspire you. In addition, instead of a cork or bulletin board, use your computer desktop for your to-do lists and reminders. It offers a fun, modern work zone minus the messy “ongoing collage.”

Exhibit the Things You Love

Going eclectic does not mean shoving sentimental items in the closet. You can showcase the things that are meaningful to you on a small space of a serene space. Show your love for, say, shells and corals by exhibiting them along with worn-in pieces.

Back your Bed with a Striking Paint Color

Instead of buying a headboard, simply paint the wall with an appealing color. This is especially a smart thing to do in pint-size rooms as painting saves up more space as compared to a bulky headboard. Make your bed the focal point of the room and choose eclectic furniture pieces and decors that will not compete for attention.

Turn a Busy Zone into an Enchanting One

Areas in your home that has a high traffic need the most makeover. If your home does not have a formal entry, personalize. Add a rug near the door, an antique chair for putting on or taking off shoes, a second-hand mirror for touch ups before leaving the house, a wall-mounted table for mail and keys, and a small, weaved basket for stashing shoes and slippers. The mixture of various styles and texture create a charming, functional space out of an ordinary spot.

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