Interior Decorating Trend: Black and White Rooms

On by adobeliving

Do you have a room in your home that’s a blank slate and you don’t know where to start? If you prefer to not use vibrant colors but still want to create a bold statement, black and white accents could be right for you!

To achieve this look, you’ll want to mix up accent pieces such as art, lighting, and textiles to bring your space together. Don’t forget that even small things like vivid black and white printed pillows can really change the look of a room. To bring your accent pieces together and really finish off a room, add a printed area rug to the space.

Unsure where to go with white? Look no further! Modernize the classic black-and-white color combination by pairing those stark, white walls with black sofas. For alternative seating, find a simple white chair with small black accents to ensure you do not overpower your room.

Although we recommend using prints in your home, remember not to go overboard when it comes to using graphic prints in your space. If you use a large printed area rug, avoid incorporating a lot of overwhelming art as well. Pick one focal point where you wish to use a black and white pattern and keep the rest of your room more minimalistic.

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