Live Large In a Tiny Space

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Whether you call it voluntary simplicity, downsizing, or small-space living, scaling back the size of your home can greatly diminish your carbon footprint, not to mention save you money in the process. However, with a smaller than average house, comes the occasional stress of trying to fit all your stuff into this tiny, little space.


On the bright side, a lot of people have come up with so many clever ways to approach micro living. For tips on living with less, just read on.


It is a well-known fact that mirrors can make a room seem larger. If you install oversized mirrors in your home, they can brighten up a room by reflecting more light into it.

Clothing Storage

Maximize your clothing storage space by installing more rods and shelves, utilizing shoe racks, and sticking hooks on side walls. Make certain that every bit of closet space is used up. If you do not have a closet in your home, opt for a freestanding or wall-mounted clothes rack that you can put in the corner of your room.


The back of your bedroom door can easily be transformed into a shoe rack, while you can attach hooks at the back of the bathroom door for your towels, robes, hairdryers and other necessities. You can also attach a mirror behind the bedroom door. Additionally, pots and pans can be hung on pantry or kitchen doors if the space is really tight.

Sofa Beds

Don’t have a guest room? No problem. A sofa bed is an easy fix for that. While a multi-functional sofa offers a fold-out option, it goes perfectly well for small apartments, basements, or home offices.

Wall-mounted Appliances

Instead of buying a traditional night lamp that might take up too much room on your bedside table, purchase a wall-mounted lamp. And to save even more space, mount your television on the wall of your living room. Microwaves, coffeemakers and other small appliances can also be wall-mounted to free your countertop some space.

Kitchen Storage

One simple way of increasing kitchen storage space is with a kitchen cart that you can wheel around and can double as a buffet station or a movable island. Use it to store your pots and pans to free the counter space for food preparation. Make sure the sides of the cart are also utilized. Hang small towels or kitchen tools on its sides.


If you do not fancy wheels, go for pegboards. Hanging pots, pans, colanders, and tools on the kitchen wall opens up a lot of space. Likewise, you can attach a pegboard in the bedroom or in the closet for your trinkets and jewelry collection. Or have one in the garage for your tools and sport equipment.

Ottoman with Storage

Combine storage and seating in one clever box—an ottoman. They are not only functional, they are also stylish, lightweight, and easy to move around and re-arrange.

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