Styling a Bar Cart

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For those of us who love to entertain year-round, it is important to ensure that your bar cart is in tip top shape! Using these three easy styling tips and items from our store, you can transform your ordinary cart to be the center of entertaining that will have all of your guests envying you.

Stay Organized:Organization is the key to crafting the perfectly styled bar cart. Divide your cart into different sections and devote each section to a specific entertaining fundamental. This could include an area for glassware, a wine chiller, or alcohol bottles. We have a wide assortment of trays available to help add the perfect finish to your cart!


Incorporate Your Style:If you like bright colors, it is important to add them in small doses. Search for straws with interesting patterns and colors or add a pop of color with stunning flowers. If you have a more masculine style try adding glasses with more manly touches.


Stock Your Bar Cart:A well stocked bar cart is the key to having the perfect cart. The drinks are the foundation of your cart. Be sure to have a variety of options and look for bottles that have intriguing packaging.


Now that you have these three simple styling tips, you are ready to create a bar cart stocked for entertaining! For more bar cart inspiration be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

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