Trends to Watch: Copper Metals

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When decorating rooms in the past, the question we always seemed to ask ourselves was, “do I use gold or silver metals?” The 2014 home trend this year has changed the game. Copper metals are now making a big statement in homes. Switch out the predictable gold and silver accents with something more unexpected. Are you unsure of how to incorporate copper seamlessly into your home? We can help make the design process easy!


If you would like to test the waters with this trend but do not want to break the bank with statement pieces, we would recommend starting with some smaller accents. These could include trays, vases, champagne buckets and other small ticket items. When using less dramatic pieces, you want to be able to create a statement in some way. Try layering multiple trays and placing them on a coffee table, or find pieces that have texture and depth to their shape. Keep in mind that even the smaller pieces can create a statement in your home so don’t count them out!


When featuring larger copper pieces into your space, don’t go overboard with the design. These pieces should speak for themselves. Try adding metal stools in your kitchen or an over-sized mirror in your bedroom. If you are really searching to create a bold statement in your home, build a statement wall incorporating the copper accent.


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