Update Your Bathroom with These Low-Cost Ideas

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In a bathroom, just as in any small space, minor changes can have significant impact. Not only should a bathroom be beautiful, it should be functional, as well. If you want to remodel your bathroom, here are nifty and low-budget ideas that may help you attain functionality while keeping your bathroom looking crisp and beautiful.

Take Inventory: Getting rid of empty or expired shampoo bottles can make a big difference. Empty your bathroom tops and cabinets, and then lay the items out, so you can take inventory of each and every one. Once you get rid of the items you rarely use, give your bathroom a good scrub. A refreshed space should be the top priority.

Add Storage: Integrate a shelving unit to hold your toiletries, and grooming supplies, as well as some decorative objects. Installing a freestanding shelf would be wise. It not only saves space, it can also add elegance when matched with other décors and fixtures in your bathroom.

Change the Fixtures: You can easily improve and upgrade your bathroom’s esthetics by replacing the fixtures. Swap your old shower head or faucet with a new one. You can even save on water consumption if you purchase a low-flow model. Better yet, add in some Glass Shower Doors to get that modern vibe. Additionally, a wall-mounted sink would be a great space-saving feature. You can find vanity units to home your sink and shower supplies on websites like the Bathrooms and More Store!

Jazz It Up with Accessories: Add a burst of color or whimsy to a plain-looking bathroom by bringing in some accessories with functional uses such as a shower curtain or some towels.

Update the Lighting & Refurbish the Hardware: Pool lighting can make a bathroom look cramped. Fortunately, upgrading the lighting is often an easy task to do. Similarly, you can replace your bathroom cabinet hardware with inexpensive alternatives. If you can’t replace those brass knobs, handles or hinges, you can improve them by using spray paint. These little tasks generally take just a couple of hours to do, but make a big impact with regard to the look of the space.

Throw in Some Color: Re-paint your walls with a bold color, or add a vibrant area rug for an instant bathroom makeover. When painting in humid areas such as the bathroom, use paints that are treated with mildewcide to prevent mildew and mold outbreak.

Use Wallpaper: From colors to patterns and textures, your options for wallpaper are almost endless. If you are looking for an impactful upgrade, adding wallpaper might be your best choice.

Add Wainscoting: Make the space more interesting by installing wainscoting. For instance, if your bathroom walls are painted yellow, you can contrast the hue with a white-painted wainscoting.

Consider Installing Shutters: Want a cottage feel for your bathroom? Some crisp white shutters should do the trick. Unlike ordinary window treatments, vinyl shutters can stand up with high humidity, and does not easily warp. There are varied options online, and a wide selection of low-cost options in local home centers. If you’d like to save some money to go towards your budget for your new lovely bathroom check out Money Expert (https://www.moneyexpert.com/gas-electricity/). They have a fantastic range of quotes that will likely save you money.


Not the type of makeovers you are eying for? Call one of our Scottsdale interior design consultants for more creative and nifty design ideas.

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